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What is Pranic Healing?

As the name suggests, Pranic Healing is a method of healing the prana (energy) of the client’s body, which eventually helps to heal any underlying problems. Pranic healing is based on the self-healing nature of our body. Our bodies are fully capable of self-healing but due to some bad lifestyle choices, past trauma, illness, and more such problems that create energy blocks and also generate spoilt energy, the problems grow stronger and stronger by feeding on the emotions like parasites.

This causes the chakras to be unable to distribute the prana throughout the whole body, and the deficiency of prana makes us lose our ability to self-heal. This is where Pranic Healing can help. As a Certified Advanced Pranic Healer I can extract such negative or depleted energy, remove the energy blocks from the body and restore the flow of prana. The healing targets the chakras and cleanses the energy surrounding them, making them function perfectly. The healing usually provides an instant feeling of calmness in my clients.

Mental Clarity And Emotional Balance

The following techniques can greatly enhance mental clarity and emotional stability through Pranic healing.

  • Releases emotional knots:  releasing any mental distress, past trauma, emotional knots, and more. As these issues give rise to emotional disturbances,  can remove such energies from the body to make it pure and positive.
  • Creates awareness: removes energy blocks and creates a consistent flow of energy on chakras, making the human body self-aware of its physical and mental surroundings.
  • Builds connection:  makes the connection between brain and body more efficient by removing any hindrance.
  • Balances chakras: Maintaining mental well-being requires the crucial role of the chakras. Any issues in the chakras balancing can be corrected through Pranic Healing, promoting emotional stability and mental clarity.
  • Negativity removal:  removes the negative energy that creates fear of failure, anxiety, stress, self-doubt and more such mental barriers.

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