A Better Future Starts Now…

Confidence in a Fulfilling Future

Anxiety or depression can make it difficult to believe that life could ever be better. I will show you how to overcome the thoughts and emotions that keep you trapped in fear and sadness.

Healing From Past Trauma

Imagine living free of the emotional chains of PTSD, childhood trauma (Complex PTSD), or grief. We have helped countless people resolve horrific wounds of the past and find lasting healing and hopefulness.

Hope For Happier Relationships

You can learn to set healthy boundaries and communicate with confidence and compassion. We will teach you how to connect with those you love, even when facing hard situations.

Felt Sense

Felt sense, or recognizing the presence of emotions and correlating physical sensations in the body, is infused in all modalities.  Clients are able to build capacity for emotions while also processing long held or difficult feelings.

You are not alone.


Many adults with a history of trauma blame their unhappiness on their own shortcomings and may think that their shortcomings reflect some sort of personal failure or internal flaw.  Adults who grow up with childhood trauma often struggle to trust others and feel secure within themselves or the world. And, because the trauma may have occurred decades ago, adults also struggle to connect their present struggles with their experiences in childhood.  It is very common for adults with a history of childhood trauma to feel anxious, on-edge and self-conscious most of the time. Some find themselves in unsatisfying careers or relationships without knowing why. Often times, making it difficult to trust your own feelings or instincts and unable to communicate affectively. Thus, unresolved childhood trauma can leave a lasting mark on your life, making positive change difficult on your own.

Children develop beliefs and coping skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. When children grow up in continuously unsafe situations or face a single traumatic event, such as a car accident or natural disaster, those children learn that the world is a dangerous, unpredictable place. Children experiencing trauma develop coping skills to help them survive. These initial coping strategies are often learned & modeled by their family of origin.  Often times, those coping mechanisms stop being effective as the child grows up into an adult, leading to communication and relationship issues, unhealthy coping skill, unhealthy boundaries and other challenges. Fortunately, trauma therapy at Discovery & Wellness Counseling, provides a safe environment for you to explore your past and begin to develop new, more effective coping mechanisms. Discovery and Wellness Counseling can provide the help and support you need to better understand your painful memories. Through trauma therapy, you can develop healthier perspectives, correct irrational beliefs and live without the pain of the traumatic memories.


Pushing your painful memories away or trying to bury the past can often lead to larger issues. Unpacking your childhood trauma and identifying the ways in which it continues to disrupt your life my feel overwhelming. Rest assured, at Discovery and Wellness Counseling, we will walk with you so you are not alone in your journey. Honoring your experiences, and perspective through trauma counseling is essential in moving forward and living with greater confidence and healthier relationships. Developing a deeper understanding of the effects of trauma and your own wants and needs is essential in nurturing yourself and healing old hurts. As you begin to expand your emotional vocabulary and grow more in tune with your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, as well as the triggers that bring your trauma flooding back are all key to establishing the foundation you need to move forward in your life.

Feeling free to speak openly and honestly while feeling heard and understood is powerful. Attention and expert care is so important in helping you recover from conscious and unconscious trauma. I will create a safe, nurturing environment for you, utilizing attachment-based therapy methods, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Developmental Model of Immaturity. It is essential for you to be able to make connections from the trauma in your past to your experiences now so that you can become more aware of what you are feeling, why you might be feeling it and how to express that emotion. I can help you develop tools to alleviate the pain and discomfort that your traumatic memories may carry.

In trauma therapy, you can learn healthier ways to manage your life such as, communication skills, limit setting, increased self confidence and awareness of who you are and as a result build a closer, more intimate relationship with yourself and others. With the guidance and support of Discovery & Wellness Counseling, you can identify and resolve childhood trauma, develop healthier boundaries and feel happier and experience a more balanced life.


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