Trauma Informed Therapy


is a deeper approach that not just looks at the undesired behavior but instead access the underlying causes of that behavior thus connecting body and mind.

Shifting  the focus from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”

Embarking on therapy can be a profound journey, tailored to address a spectrum of needs and experiences. While traditional therapy offers support for various challenges, trauma-informed therapy delves deeper, specifically addressing the impact of past trauma on your present experiences.

If you’re wrestling with feelings of inadequacy, unexplained anxiety or depression, or difficulties with self-acceptance and boundary-setting, therapy can offer solace and guidance. However, trauma-informed therapy goes beyond surface-level issues, acknowledging that many struggles stem from unresolved trauma, whether from childhood or adulthood.

In traditional therapy, the focus may primarily be on addressing immediate concerns or symptoms. In contrast, trauma-informed therapy seeks to uncover the underlying causes of behaviors and symptoms, recognizing the interconnectedness of mind and body. This approach acknowledges that traumatic experiences can profoundly shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, often manifesting in ways that are not immediately apparent.

By understanding the impact of trauma and its effects on the nervous system, trauma-informed therapists provide a safe and supportive environment for healing. Sessions may incorporate specialized techniques to regulate the nervous system and process traumatic memories, such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) or somatic experiencing.

Ultimately, trauma-informed therapy offers a holistic approach to healing, addressing not only symptoms but also the root causes of distress. Through this collaborative process, individuals can cultivate resilience, reclaim their sense of agency, and embark on a journey towards profound healing and empowerment.

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