Telehealth: How it Works

Teletherapy is the practice of providing psychotherapy services through online video connection. Ideally, the same treatment that would be offered in person is offered remotely through confidential  HIPAA compliant video service. It works on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, as long as whatever device you are using has internet connection, a camera, a microphone, and functioning speakers. On most devices this is automatic, and you don’t need to do anything, other than maybe click an “allow” button.

During an EMDR reprocessing session, when I activate the light bar, your screen will transition to a black background with a moving light bar traversing from left to right. While this visual component takes center stage, rest assured that our communication remains uninterrupted—I will still hear and see you, and you will hear me throughout the session.

Once the light bar is deactivated, your view will revert to the initial screen, maintaining our visual connection as we continue our discussion and therapeutic process.


The emotional support provided by our pets can be profoundly therapeutic. Research demonstrates that having a pet at home can significantly reduce symptoms associated with depression, loneliness, anxiety, and trauma. For clients who have pets, I believe in integrating these cherished companions into the therapy process to offer comfort and grounding, especially after intense sessions.

Incorporating mindful and somatic regulation techniques, we can leverage the power of your five senses while holding your pet close. This practice helps anchor you in the present moment, providing a sense of calm and support. Many clients have found this approach to be an invaluable resource in their healing journey.

Clients opting for teletherapy can trust in my unwavering dedication to upholding privacy and confidentiality. I operate from a private office equipped with a door and sound machine, ensuring that your end of the conversation remains strictly between us. Rest assured, no one will be present in the room with me during our session without your explicit knowledge, and measures are in place to minimize sound transmission from my side.

At the outset of our session, I may inquire about your location, privacy arrangements, and safety to ensure your comfort and well-being. Crisis resources and safety plans will be addressed as needed prior to our session, as I recognize the importance of addressing safety concerns even in a remote setting. My commitment remains steadfast—to provide the same level of quality care during teletherapy as I would in an in-person session. Your peace of mind and therapeutic experience are my top priorities.