My Approach: Integrating Spiritual Psychology

In my practice, I offer a unique approach rooted in Spiritual Psychology, where psychology is understood as its true definition, soul knowledge. This means that our work together isn’t just about addressing surface-level issues; it’s about delving deep into the core of your being to uncover profound truths and initiate transformative healing.

Spiritual Psychology supports the choice to learn through wisdom and to release patterns of negativity, doubt, and fear that no longer serve us. It illuminates the relationships between our personality and soul, helping us recognize their differences and align them harmoniously.

Central to Spiritual Psychology is the concept of authentic power – the disciplined and systematic study of what is essential to the health of the soul. It identifies behaviors that disrupt harmony and wholeness, and it empowers us to harness the energy of the soul for healing.

Through our sessions, we’ll explore the effects of interactions between personalities from the perspective of impersonal energy dynamics, understanding how these dynamics can be utilized for healing. It’s about facing our truths, telling our stories, and understanding how they’ve shaped us – then letting go of what no longer serves us.

I believe in keeping it real with my clients, acknowledging that the path to healing isn’t always easy. But it’s a journey of exploration, where we confront the “yuck” in our lives and transform it into something beautiful. Together, we’ll navigate this journey with compassion, empathy, and unwavering support.

I’ve embarked on my own healing journey, overcoming challenges from my past. I understand the courage it takes to begin this process, which is why I’m fully committed to your healing. With love and understanding, I’ll walk alongside you as you bravely confront your past and find lasting peace within yourself.

Ultimately, I believe in the innate capacity for healing and growth within each of us. With the understanding that our brains are malleable and resilient, we can rewire our thought patterns and transform our lives. Together, we’ll explore how these concepts shape your identity and empower you to take ownership of your life’s journey.

Specialties and Credentials

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor proficient in both English and Spanish, I bring over a decade of experience as a psychotherapist. My journey in mental health began in 2006, and since then, I’ve continually honed my expertise to better serve my clients.

Certified in EMDR therapy, Trauma Model therapy, Trust Based Relational Intervention Practioner (TBRI), and Post Induction Therapy, I offer a comprehensive approach to healing. Additionally, I hold certifications as an Angel Empowerment Practitioner and Advanced Pranic Healer, integrating holistic modalities into my practice.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked extensively with diverse populations in various settings, including private practice, schools, camps, homes, and community agencies. While I’ve had the privilege to work with both children and adults, my passion lies in supporting adults on their journey to healing.

Informed by training under esteemed experts such as Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk and Dr. Colin Ross, I specialize in trauma-informed therapy. My approach focuses on understanding the impact of complex trauma on individuals’ suffering and their coping mechanisms. Through mindfulness practices and trauma-informed techniques, I empower clients to regulate their emotions and cultivate resilience.

I utilize Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) as a powerful tool to unlock traumatic memories and transform negative self-beliefs. By guiding clients through this process, we can address unresolved experiences and foster profound healing.

My work is deeply influenced by Pia Mellody’s trauma recovery model, Post Induction Therapy. Leading intensive workshops based on this approach, I help participants navigate the roots of codependency, heal childhood wounds, narcissistic abuse, and embrace fully functional lives as adults.

Drawing from Internal Family Systems (IFS), I assist clients in exploring their inner dynamics and healing fragmented parts of themselves. This integrative approach helps individuals cultivate self-compassion and achieve greater harmony within.

With a commitment to ongoing education and collaboration with top experts in the field, I strive to provide my clients with the highest standard of care. Your journey to healing begins here.

The hardest of times have a way of guiding us back to Spirit, the Universe, God, or whatever you call the source of Creation. 

Energy and Spiritual Healing: Integrated Approach

As a highly gifted Angel Intuitive, Medium, and Spiritual Channel, I am certified as an Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner and Advanced Pranic Healer. These gifts serve as complementary tools in sessions, integrated only at the request of the client.

During sessions, I blend intuitive guidance and energy healing from my clients’ spiritual teams, including guides and angels. These elements are essential in assisting with trauma healing, providing profound support and guidance. Pranic Healing, specifically, plays a significant role in addressing energetic imbalances and promoting healing on various levels.

It’s important to note that while mediumship and Angel Readings are available, they are separate from the trauma healing process. Mediumship sessions facilitate connections with loved ones who have passed, and Angel Readings offer guidance from spiritual guides. These services are provided upon request and are not automatically included in trauma healing sessions.

At times, loved ones may come through during the healing process to offer support. However, clients are informed that this occurs only if they feel it would be beneficial and can become part of their healing team. Ultimately, the client has control over their healing journey and can choose which aspects to integrate based on their comfort and needs.

Volunteer Engagements

Being actively involved in volunteering has always been a passion of mine, and I find immense fulfillment in contributing to various causes during my spare time. Here are some of the volunteer roles I’ve taken on:

  • Member of The United States Fire Department Reserve Corps Crisis Response Team: Assisted in aid efforts for those affected by Hurricane Michael in the Panhandle. Additionally, certified as a National Guard Trained Crisis Responder for Natural Disasters.
  • First Responder for the Pulse Nightclub Shooting: Offered crisis counseling and ongoing support to survivors and families affected by the tragedy.
  • Group EMDR and Support for Mexico Puebla Earthquake Survivors: Provided group EMDR therapy and support services for families and survivors impacted by the earthquake.
  • Homeless Services Network: Engaged in donation distribution, social work, and crisis counseling for veterans.
  • Harbor House Shelter for Domestic Violence: Provided crisis counseling to women and children in need.
  • Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic: Visited a small village and an orphanage, offering psychoeducation to teachers and caretakers.
  • BETA Center:  a residential center for pregnant teens, offering individual and group counseling. Also conducted in-home follow-up visits with parents and teens to provide ongoing support.
  • New Kids for Hope – Grief Center for Children: Volunteered as a grief counselor, offering support to children dealing with loss and trauma.

I continue to prioritize my involvement in volunteer work whenever possible, as I believe in the importance of giving back to the community and supporting those in need.


Please be aware that Angel Readings, Medium Sessions, and Pranic Healing are not substitutes for professional services, including medical, legal, financial, or mental health services. The information and guidance provided during these sessions should not be considered a replacement for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is important to continue consulting with your doctor or physician as needed.

Angel Readings, Medium Sessions, and Pranic Healing are intended to complement your personal and spiritual growth journey. They should not be used as a replacement for any prescribed treatment or therapy. By booking a session for any of the services mentioned above, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer. You also agree to take full responsibility for your own decisions and actions based on the information and guidance provided during the session.